Your Weekly Wrap: Volatile Markets, Big Banks, Lithium and Clean Energy

Profit Watch Weekly Market Wrap

Below is your weekly update of this week’s stories…

On Monday I showed one way you can use today’s volatile markets to your advantage. This can lead to profitable opportunities…or, at least, finding out if you’re wrong quick smart. Check it out here.

And on Tuesday I returned to my old wrestle. Are the big banks value or a value trap? You can make up your own mind…but I say value trap. Not because of COVID or the economy. Why then? Find out here.

You got a treat on Wednesday! It was a sneak peek into our ‘in-house’ publication The Insider. Check out what this energy insider is saying now

And on Thursday I concluded that lithium stocks appear to be coming to a bottom for the moment. This could set up a big long-term buying opportunity…

Friday saw real estate expert Catherine Cashmore show why lower energy prices take property prices up.


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