Your Weekly Wrap up

AUD Gold Price - Strong Aussie Dollar impacting the Gold Price Rally

See below for your weekly wrap up of the big stories in Profit Watch

On Monday we took a look at the legendary Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio — and whether you should use it today. See why here.

On Tuesday we looked into why Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway invested in a gold miner and the big factor driving the gold price…

On Wednesday you had the chance to hear the wonderful tale of William Knox D’Arcy and how he made himself incredibly rich. See the story here.

And on Thursday Profit Watch delved into how hedge fund manager E Thorp beat both Las Vegas casinos and Wall Street. Check it out now.

Friday saw real estate expert Catherine Cashmore reveal why the Aussie government will do everything it can to keep the housing market buoyant.


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