Your Weekly Wrap Up: Aussie Market and the Battle of Bulls and Bears

Aussie Market - ASX Bull Market or Bear Market?

The Aussie market keeps grinding sideways at the moment.

The eternal battle of the bulls and the bears is delicately poised.

I’ve made the case that I can’t see the ASX 200 breaking out anytime soon.

The NASDAQ it is not.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t individual stock or trading opportunities.

For example, Aussie gold stocks are currently roaring along.

An old trader mate of mine used to preach: ‘buy the strongest stocks in the strongest sector’.

Currently, that sector is gold.

My colleague, Shae Russell is my preferred guide for you on this. I strongly suggest you check out her work here.

After that you can peruse this week’s stories…

On Monday I made the case why I don’t see an Aussie property collapse. You can see why here.

Tuesday revealed why property, gold, and bitcoin are all likely to benefit from central banks pinning interest rates to the floor.

‘Watch not what they say’, so the saying goes, ‘but what they do with their money’.

If you’re interested in seeing that stock buying land in today’s market, go here.

And on Thursday I explained my reasoning as to why I don’t see Aussie shares breaking out anytime soon.

Friday’s note explained why now’s a very exciting time for gold exploration in Australia.

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