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Be Mindful of Investment Banks and Broker Upgrades on Stocks

EDITOR’S NOTE: Exciting news! We’re making some changes to your daily Profit Watch service. I’m going to bring you a broader array of analysis and ideas to help your trading and investing.

I also need some help to carry the workload. Writing every day is great fun. But my premium trading service Catalyst Trader is now ‘officially’ live…and I’ve got dozens of stocks to track and trade.

Profit Watch will merge with the newsletter from where it came…The Daily Reckoning Australia! You may not know I was the chief editor of this before I set up Profit Watch. Soon you’ll receive your daily note under this banner. But don’t stress.

You’ll still hear from me at least twice a week. The benefit is now you’ll hear from my former desk buddy Shae Russell too — Australia’s best gold analyst, in my opinion.

You don’t have to do anything. We have your email and, I hope, your attention.

We’re still here to brighten your day, sharpen your mind and challenge your preconceived notions…and maybe even give you a laugh every now and again. I’ll keep you posted on the timeframe for this slight shift. Thanks for your continued support!


See below for this week’s stories…

On Monday I showed you a direct example of how a big catalyst can shift a stock up…in this case 36% in a day. See how it came about here.

On Tuesday we saw something gold expert Shae Russell has been forecasting for some time: merger and acquisitions heating up. Go here for more.

Wednesday we discussed the latest ‘bomb’ from the PM. What does his latest plan for the economy mean for gas stocks? I’ve made my choice. See it here.

And on Thursday I discussed the importance of having different strategies. The market is always changing. Are you?

Friday saw the latest property update from Catherine Cashmore. Get up to speed here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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