Your Weekly Wrap: China’s GDP, Weak US Dollar and Aussie Property

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See below for a wrap up of this week’s stories…

On Monday we took a glance at China’s GDP and concluded it was either $14 or $26 trillion. That’s a big difference. But not as big as the one between Beijing and Washington.

Tuesday’s article went over why the current weakness in the US dollar is atypical in the middle of a crisis. See why it matters here.

On Wednesday I made the case that Aussie stocks were in the ‘second phase’ of a bear market. The fall later in the week suggests this could be spot on.

Thursday saw another example of how batteries and renewable energy are coming to upend the energy market.

And on Friday property expert Catherine Cashmore delved into the latest numbers and stories from the property market.

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PS: Australian real estate expert, Catherine Cashmore, reveals why she thinks we could see the biggest property boom of our lifetimes — over the next five years. Click here to learn more.