Your Treat for the Easter Break


I hope you have a chance to take a decent break. It’s always good to step away from the market for a time and recharge.

Make the most of it!

I do want to share something with you that I think you’ll appreciate.

Recently, my colleague Dan Denning swung by our office here in Albert Park.

Dan’s been analysing financial markets since 1997. He’s done it in style too…working from the US and the UK…and for 10 years right here in Melbourne.

Dan’s brain is probably the sharpest I’ve ever come across. When he talks…anyone who knows him listens.

The dumbest decision he’s ever made is picking the Kangaroos as his AFL team.

I sat Dan down recently for the special quarterly podcast I do for Lifetime members of Small Cap Alpha. After we’d done that, well, we just kept talking…and the camera kept rolling.

So we’ve uploaded the first of these ‘outtakes’ to the Profit Watch YouTube channel.

One of Dan’s major themes is that the threat of government regulation around the big US technology stocks is not currently priced correctly into the market.

In 2016, Dan even forecast Facebook as we know it could cease to exist. 

That was before the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

As I say, when Dan talks, I listen. You should too!

Best wishes,

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Callum Newman,
Editor, Profit Watch