Your Insider Guide to Gold: The Market is Ripe with Opportunity!

Opportunity in Gold Market - Investing in ASX Gold Stocks

Happy New Financial Year!

What shall the future 365 days bringeth?

Your guess is probably as good as mine. All last year I wrote ‘Be a little wary of 2020.’

And so it has proved. The ASX put in a dud over the last six months.

I’m not so hot on the general market for the next 12 either.

But I also don’t worry about that.

The market is always ripe with opportunity!

You know the economic numbers are dire. But…who knew that that hasn’t stopped people from eating KFC!

Why do I say that?

Collins Foods Ltd [ASX:CKF] came out with a very nice set of numbers — all things considered! It took a big jump on the market yesterday.

It was thanks to Aussies hoeing into fried chicken. Perhaps a bit of thought could have led to a trade there.

People, in a recession, don’t eat out at the high end so much, but still look for convenience and comfort food.

It didn’t occur to me to look for opportunity in quite this way.

But, regardless, it shows no matter what’s going on in the world, there’re always trades to take, and ways to profit.

What else?

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Market Opportunities in Gold

Certainly, mining provides an ongoing stream of opportunities. There are all sorts of companies exploring, drilling and building mines.

And there’s a very easy way to whittle down your options: focus on the gold sector.

I say that because gold is trading at huge highs. We can’t say quite the same for other metals.

That gives impetus to everyone around the gold industry to raise money, fund projects, get drilling and make things happen!

However, it can’t be denied either that a lot of projects are richly priced, and there’s plenty of speculation of going on too!

Not to mention unfortunate bumps in the road for a stock like, say, Red 5 Ltd [ASX:RED].

How to make sense of it all?

Here’s a suggestion: Check out what my colleague Shae Russell is doing at her Rock Stock Insider service.

Shae focuses almost exclusively on gold.

Her phone is full of industry contacts, her desk covered in a plethora of drilling reports, company presentations, and a long list of high potential gold stocks.

There’s also a huge suite of interviews with international gold investors, analysts and mining types in general.

I remember it was only recently that Shae was waxing lyrical about a project under the banner of gold stock Pantoro — Horseman; I think the project was called.

I’ve been keeping a tab on Pantoro. Look at the recent price action…

Profit Watch

Source: Optuma

[Click to open in a new window]

Is there still opportunity in Pantoro? I don’t know — ask Shae!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the gold boom is the potential for mergers and acquisitions.

You can get a big spike on the day if you happen to own the desired target.

That’s the kind of buzz you can get in the stock market.

Of course, gold investing is not just about miners and explorers. There’s a wealth preservation aspect to it as well.

If you’re keen to know how to get your hands on the physical bars and coins, where to store it, how to insure it, what risks you run, Rock Stock Insider has got you covered there too.

I think this is important. Central bank money creation is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

That means paper money is highly likely to devalue against anything that can’t be created on a printing press: think bitcoin, land, art, collectibles and — you guessed it — precious metals.

That’s not limited to gold, either. There’s silver too!

Make sure you’re across what’s happening in this space. This bull run is unlikely to slow down anytime soon

Best wishes,

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Callum Newman,
Editor, Profit Watch

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