Weekly Stock Market Wrap: The Iron Ore Market and Renewable Energy

Profit Watch Weekly Market Wrap

And so we come to the end of the first week of the new financial year.

On Monday I gave you an instruction: put on your deerstalker hat and pick up your magnifying glass.

China is positioning to create a ‘Pilbara Killer’ in the iron ore market. See how and why here.

On Tuesday we reviewed a past Profit Watch call to avoid the banks from mid-2019. That idea paid off in the 12 months to 30 June. But what about the year ahead? See here for some thoughts on that.

On Wednesday we pointed to the strong sector of the market: the gold sector. But there are still traps, pitfalls, and duds to avoid even in a hot market. Need some help? See our favourite gold bug at work!

Thursday came with a blare: Warning! Warning! If you have exposure to the big energy stocks on the ASX…you might be at risk of a sudden loss. See why here.

And on Friday, property expert Catherine Cashmore took a deep dive into whether ‘regional’ Australia can boom from COVID-19…

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