US Imperial Misadventures and EU Power Grabs

The US and EU - United States of Europe
US Imperial Misadventures and EU Power Grabs

Did you hear this?

Iran is ‘bloodthirsty and looking for war’.

Those are the words US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Sunday.

That’s inflammatory language to use considering Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Zarif is in New York right now for the UN General Assembly.

I’m not sure Señor Pompeo has any evidence for his assertion.

I wouldn’t believe it anyway.

We can only presume the propaganda against Iran has some sort of agenda. It doesn’t look peaceful…

Mohammad Zarif says it’s impossible for Iran to restart negotiations when the US insists on applying maximum pressure on the Iranian economy.

That includes designating Iran’s central bank as a terrorism supporter.

Now the US allies (did someone say lapdogs?) are singing from the same hymn sheet.

The UK, France and Germany are supporting the US and Saudi claim that Iran is responsible.

According to The Guardian, ‘they are convinced’.

Well I guess that’s that! Case closed. Nothing to see here.

American imperialism and misadventures

What exactly Iran is supposed to have achieved by attacking Saudi Arabia remains a mystery — to me at least.

You would think you would go a bit harder if you were going to antagonise an ally of the biggest military in the world.

Why risk a US bombing to fly a few drones into an oil facility that will be back in business in a few months?

Forecaster Gerald Celente used to use a line that goes like this: ‘when all else fails, they take you to war.’

Perhaps the intel reaching the White House is that the US economy is showing signs of strain?

There’s nothing like a bombing or two to distract Joe Public.

I recall former US President Bill Clinton blowing up a suspicious factory in Sudan around the time of Ms Lewinsky.

Unfortunately the Yankees blew up the wrong building! It was but a humble medicine factory.

Oh dear, imperial America and its misadventures.

There’s nothing you and I can do about this. Just keep an oil stock or two in your portfolio in case this lunacy really does get out of hand.

What other foolish and manipulative elite agendas can we see at work?

Central bank power grab

Ah, yes, I see it already! The central banks are coming to issue digital currencies and assume total control of our transactions.

Look at this from the Financial Times

When Facebook announced its plans for a private digital payment token called Libra in June, its intention was hardly to goad governments into creating a public electronic currency instead.

But it may turn out to be just what it has achieved…

The French are now calling for government ‘e-currencies’ to go on the agenda of the next World Bank and IMF shindigs.

Sweden’s central bank is apparently about to trial an e-krona. China may not be far behind on this front either.

Presumably the eurozone won’t be far behind.

France and Germany came out earlier this month and rejected Libra on multiple grounds.

The MIT Technology Review reports:

Apparently, the European Central Bank has been quietly working on its own digital currency project.


We can see how the general euro public are being warmed up for the introduction, too…

Outgoing European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi says the eurozone economy faces a prolonged sag.

If that is true, it’s Draghi’s fault.

Why does no one point out the obvious?

He’s been in charge of the ECB since 2011.

Surely eight years is enough time to get things moving if the tools of central banking are as wonderful as they like to tell us?

And why should anyone listen to this geezer after such a record of mediocrity?

That’s if we accept Draghi’s record at face value.

It may be he’s quite happy to see low growth in the eurozone to justify the ECB taking greater financial control to stitch the countries closer together.

2008 exposed the chink in the armour of the EU. It was a continent-wide crisis but each country responded as an individual nation state.

An ‘e-euro’ under the complete control of the ECB would negates this weakness.

National banks unique to each country would most likely need to be abolished to facilitate this. Cash would also be eliminated.

That could hand ECB total control of spending allocations for each country. Each national parliament would be hostage to this power.

It’s a further step on the road to the United States of Europe with one government and one central bank.


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