Trump Wants the Dow Jones at 40,000: Can the Stock Market Keep Up?

Donald Trump Wants the Stock Market Going Up - Dow Jones
Trump Wants the Dow Jones at 40,000: Can the Stock Market Keep Up?

You’ve heard of Jordan Belfort, right?

If not, you may have heard the story of him. He’s the Wolf of Wall Street.

Well, he’s known for many things…

Like making $12 million in three minutes and sinking his 170ft yacht. It had a helicopter on it.

What you probably didn’t know is that he was a salesman.

The Wolf of Wall Street was just a salesman

I’m telling you this because people always ask me to teach them how to trade like the Wolf of Wall Street.

And when they say the wolf, they mean Jordan.

But again, Jordan wasn’t an investor…he was a salesman.

He developed the straight-line sales process. It was about taking people down the line.

From the moment you picked up the phone, you began to go down the line.

At the end of the line was the close. Meaning you bought stock from him.

This sales process is unique but wasn’t limited to stockbroking.

Belfort’s sales method is used in Telstra, Virgin Airlines and Wyndham.

It’s simply the process of taking the customer down a straight line to the close.

Again, that’s where you hand over your cold hard cash.

Anyway, the point being: You don’t want to trade like Jordan. Nor do you want to invest like him. He wasn’t a trader or an investor.

Trump tax cuts keep the market moving

What he was though, was a damn good salesman.

His methods are still taught today; he’s got quite the following online.

While they’re not directly related, this kind of reminds me of Trump.

You see, Trump’s on a mission and it’s a second term.

That’s his straight line.

And he’s willing to do everything he can to make it happen.

You already know this, of course!

Just this week Trump promised a new round of ‘monster tax cuts for the middle class’.

Don’t take my word for it. Look below.

We are going to be doing a middle class tax cut, a very big one. We’ll be doing that. We’ll be announcing that over the next 90 days.

He said this during a Fox News interview.

Now that’s on top of the stimulus the US Fed is already pumping through the repo market.

The repo market is a repurchasing agreement. It’s where the money is borrowed and then paid back. Usually, this happens overnight.

No matter what your personal opinions are…this is extremely bullish for stocks.

My colleague, Callum Newman has spoken about this a few times already. If you want to know what he’s got to say, click here.

The point is, you can’t fight this.

And Trump doesn’t want you to, either.

All aboard the trump wave

Donald Trump said multiple times that he wants the Dow Jones at least 10,000 points higher.

Whether that will happen or not isn’t obvious right now.

But we can nearly guarantee that Trump is going to do whatever he can to keep this going.

And that means any decline in stocks will be bought up.

I know it sounds crazy to think about it. But you simply must go with the flow.

Yes, the flow.

Here’s what I mean…

Trump will try and keep this thing chugging along for as long as he can.

But there will come a time when he can’t. I’m not suggesting there will be a major stock market crash. Not now anyway.

But you should just go with the flow. Things could change after he gets re-elected. But that’s not until November.

Which means, you know that you have at least until the middle of the year to ride the Trump wave.

Of course, nothing is for certain…but Trump could keep both the Aussie and US markets higher.

Again, I must stress to you…it’s at least for now.

Remember, Trump’s a salesman. Just follow his straight line.

Until next time,

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