The Race is On to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine — How Close Are We?

COVID-19 Vaccine and Cure - Future of Biotech is Synbio

There are 12 companies in the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19.

And global stock markets are already bouncing back hard on the back of news that a solution is close.

There’s no doubt it’ll be a great moment for humanity when we get this cure.

From an investing point of view, the rewards for the winner are huge too.

If a third of people in the developed world opted to get vaccinated every year — like they do with the flu — at $30 a pop that would amount to $10 billion per year in recurring revenue.


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At higher prices, even more…

The really amazing thing though, is that we’re so close to finding a vaccine at all.

Usually these things take years.

But as I’ve explained over the past few days, it’s all to do with one emerging field of biotech that’s changing the paradigm for how we treat disease.

Not just this virus, but all diseases in the future.

In this new paradigm, treatments can be thought of as ‘programs’, which provide coded instructions to ‘applications’ that instruct your body on how to treat diseases.

From an investing point of view, investors are starting to notice something big is up.

It’s why a stock like Genedrive shot up by 24 times in just a few weeks.

It’s why Moderna went from $20 a share in February this year to hit $80 per share by May.

It’s why Novavax, which just started human trials in Melbourne, is up 1,025% for 2020.

And it’s why several other related stocks in this emerging field of biotech have tripled in value in recent weeks.

But here’s the thing…

I still don’t believe the market fully understands the enormity of the moment at hand.

It has cottoned on to the short-term vaccine hype, no doubt.

But it doesn’t see the full picture.

In this last part of my recent four-part video series, let me explain how Aussie investors can invest in this big idea.

Tomorrow, I’ll drop a new special report showing you how you can access my top stock picks in this emerging area.

It includes a stock that is one of the 12 in the race for the vaccine, and they have an update on their own human trials due very soon in June.

Good investing,

Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Money Morning

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