Rich Lister Names His Favourite Property Market in Australia — Perth

Perth Property Market - Perth Real Estate Investment

Madre mia!

Since last year, your Profit Watch service has opined that Perth was the best buying opportunity over the next five years in the real estate market.

This morning I see the following in The Australian Financial Review

Rich Lister Paul Blackburne is charging out of hibernation with a bullish $1 billion punt that Perth’s property market will blitz its east coast rivals over the next five years.

We can presume Senor Blackburne knows a bit about the property market.

What’s to like about WA?

I’ve already said my piece many times.

Let’s hear a few thoughts from Paul, gracias to the AFR

We are not as reliant on the industries affected by COVID-19 as the east coast. Mining has been going strong and we had already adjusted to low growth in tourism and overseas education.

Anything else, good sir?

Immigration will increase and the post recession boom will result in a baby boom like what happened post World War II.

I think migration will double next year to make up for any shortfall this year. With low rates this will lead to a huge shortage of supply.’

Thanks for the tip!

But wait! Don’t just go and load up on anything over in Perth.

For example, Senor Blackburne got rich selling apartments, not buying them.

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There are truly abundant opportunities all over the world, including the Aussie property market and share market.

I’m so bored of being told otherwise.

For example, did you see the rise of fintech stock Splitit Ltd [ASX:SPT] last week? It rocketed up over 100% on Thursday after releasing a great announcement.

It now has an alliance with global payment firm Mastercard.

There was no warning this was coming.

But it shows that if you’re prepared to get into an exciting slipstream in general, such as innovative firms encroaching into established industries, good things are primed to happen.

And COVID-19 won’t change that.

Fortune favours the optimists. History teaches no clearer lesson.

Best wishes,

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Callum Newman,
Editor, Profit Watch

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