Like Throwing Rocks in a Pond


What is more boring than throwing rocks into a pond?

If you ask my colleague Callum Newman…investing in physical gold!

And perhaps rightly so.

In US dollars, gold has been trading in a sideways range for the last three years.

But that’s not true in Aussie dollar terms…

Gold is breaking out into all-time highs! That’s thanks to the weakness of our dollar against the US dollar!

Personally, I’ve been progressively allocating more of my money to the hard asset. Callum and I go over the merits and pitfalls of gold investing below…

In today’s video, you will learn:

  • Where gold is heading over the next few years…
  • Why you should take caution when investing in gold-related stocks…
  • How you can take advantage of this current rally…

If you’ve ever considered buying gold or even gold-related stocks, then this video is for you.

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Jonathan Evans,
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