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How to Identify ASX Small Caps

How to Identify High Potential Aussie Small-Cap Stocks

Small-cap expert Callum Newman reveals his best-kept secrets to picking winning small-cap stocks…and avoiding those that can clean you out in an instant.

Inside your free report you’ll discover:

  • Where to find small-caps that have been overlooked or ignored by investors, leading to a knowledge gap — sometimes known as ‘information asymmetry’. This is where the actual value of the stock can be much greater than its listed price. Once this knowledge is known by the wider market, the share price can rocket up. Callum will show you how he finds stocks before that happens…
  • Why institutional investors can’t buy small-caps…there’s a reason why some of Australia’s biggest funds and institutions can’t invest in these tiny companies — despite their incredible profit potential. Learn why this ‘Achilles heel’ could lead to great opportunity for you…
  • How you can get started with small cap investing today — you certainly don’t need a lot of money to get involved…but the potential is off the charts — provided you back the right stocks!
Where to Invest in Australian Real Estate

Where to Invest in Australian Real Estate In 2020

What if I told you there is a relatively easy way to find under-priced properties that very few know about?

Whether you’re completely new to investing in real estate or looking to get a fresh insight into where to find value, this new report could be extremely useful to you.

To get your FREE copy of Callum Newman’s report ‘Where to Invest in Australian Real Estate in 2020’…simply enter your email address below and you will learn:

  • What are you really investing in when buying property? What most people think of when it comes to real estate is not what represents the underlying value of the asset.
  • Why Real Estate Agents are the wrong people to ask for investment advice. Learn why real estate agents won’t know what drives property prices.
  • The REAL political and economic drivers of property prices. We all know that money can be made in property, but few people can tell you what actually sends prices higher.
Australia's Great Commodities Comeback Report 2020

Australia’s ‘Resources Resurgence’

Download your guide to the Great Commodities Comeback of 2020

If Callum Newman’s analysis is right, Australian resources are at the beginning of a comeback. This report explains Callum’s ‘case for commodities’ for this year and next.

  • You’ll learn why he believes Aussie resources look to be entering a renewed period of rising prices
  • You’ll learn why supply is not keeping up with growing demand for key resources
  • And you’ll learn three ideas to position yourself for this trend