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Has Lockdown Killed Australian Property?

Has the Lockdown Killed the Australian Property Market?

In this brand new Profit Watch report, Australian market expert, Callum Newman reveals where he believes house prices are headed over the next three–five years…and how to time your investments for the best returns.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The Trifecta Effect: When these three key market conditions converge, prime real estate could suddenly be in your price range again. Discover the timeline for this event so you can prepare to act…
  • How to time your property purchases for maximum potential capital gain. Callum shares an important, yet rarely discussed, 30-year property market pattern. Once you understand this pattern, you’ll be able to forecast when property prices are likely to rise to new highs…
  • Why you should consider purchasing sooner, rather than later. The Australian government currently has an economic ‘trump card’ up their sleeve. And when they activate it, it could send the price of property skyrocketing through the roof…
Why Australian Property Market Won't Crash Until 2026

Why Aussie Property Probably Won’t Crash until 2026

In this brand new Profit Watch report titled, ‘Why the Property Market Is Unlikely to Crash until 2026’, real estate expert Catherine Cashmore reveals why she expects Aussie house prices to cool in the short term…and then boom — stronger than ever — over the next five years.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • A key indicator that points to a property boom into 2026: This has been the most reliable indicator of real estate cycle peaks since 1837. And it’s not due to go off for another five-plus years. Good news for homeowners, sellers, and investors.
  • Is history repeating itself? Discover the uncanny similarities between ‘The Forgotten Depression’ of 1920 and the crisis we are currently in. Plus, learn how this could actually be a great time to prepare to buy Australian property…
  • What you can learn from an investing legend’s expensive mistake: Ray Dalio made this seemingly logical prediction about the property market during the 1980s…but it wiped out his entire fortune. Learn how to avoid drawing the same conclusions about our current predicament…
  • Capitalise before it’s too late. Once the Australian government fully activates this economic ‘trump card’, it could send property prices skyrocketing through the roof. That’s why you need to act sooner, rather than later.
Where to Find Real Estate Bargains

Why prime Aussie property will likely be marked down and on sale, post-lockdown

In this brand new Profit Watch report titled Where to Find the Best Real Estate Bargains after the Lockdown, Australian real estate expert, Catherine Cashmore, reveals her ideas on where to shop for property bargains when the lockdown ends.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Lockdown bargain alert: This dark horse city could see MONSTER house price gains between 2021 and 2026. But most buyers — as usual — are looking completely the other way…
  • How to spot and quickly capitalise on land re-zoning initiatives. Catherine reveals how exciting real estate returns can be made using this simple strategy…
  • No cash to buy property? Check out these two ‘cheap and primed for greatness’ suburbs currently flying under most real estate agents’ radars… 
  • How to properly value a bargain. Most real estate agents can’t spot it. But it’s one of the major factors standing between you and a big real estate profit.
Coronavirus Resistant Stocks Report - COVID-19 Bounceback Stocks

Why These Three Smashed-Down Stocks Appear Resistant to the Coronavirus

In this free report, you’ll discover why these three heavily discounted stocks are deemed to be ‘pandemic survivors’. And why NOW is a rare opportunity to keep a close eye on them…before they skyrocket when the market recovers. Companies featured comprise of:

  • A biotech company that is developing an innovative new treatment for cancer pain. Targeting the global market, this equates to millions in potential patients who are looking to alleviate their pain — regardless of economic conditions.
  • The US’ military spending is projected to be nearly $1 trillion in FY21. And this shipbuilder is well-positioned to take a piece of the pie. With an existing order book of $4.3 billion, they are expected to go strong during the downturn.
  • This award-winning, high-tech manufacturer services the elite of the defence and commercial aerospace industries. With governments unlikely to cut military spending regardless of economic conditions, sales are expected to increase.