Ep 37 Author and Analyst Tom Miller on China’s Asian Dream


A note from Callum:

I admire both of Tom Miller’s books. He’s one of the few people I trust to tell me what’s happening over in China.

His first book, China’s Urban Billion, was published in 2012.

I give him a lot of credit for this, because he defused a lot of the hysteria surrounding China’s ‘ghost cities’ at the time.

His latest book is just as good, and very important if you’re interested in geopolitics like me. It’s called China’s Asian Dream: Empire Building Along the New Silk Roadpatriotsubaru

It’s a look at China’s ongoing rise to power, and the complicated relationships it has with its neighbours — and the US.

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There was a lot to talk about!

By the way, Tom is also a senior Asian analyst with prestigious research house Gavekal. It costs a small fortune to subscribe to their stuff, so we’re really lucky to hear him speak.

We discussed…

  • China’s economy and the potential for a slowdown
  • The sectors Tom would avoid when it comes to Chinese shares
  • China’s strategy with its ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure rollout
  • The potential for Chinese President Xi Jinping to grasp further political power at the upcoming Party Congress
  • Plus more!

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