Deadly Brown Tinctures and Bad Stock Investment Ideas

Bad Stock Investment Ideas
Deadly Brown Tinctures and Bad Stock Investment Ideas

I was in Taiwan a few months ago…

Last week I told you about a car accident I was in. If you missed it, you can read that here.

But it wasn’t just car accidents and gung-ho scammers that I caught wind of in Taiwan.

I was also supplied a strange brown tincture with opium in it.

It is slightly addictive. But that’s not what bothered me.

It was the fact that I was supplied this solution as a medical prescription.

Before I go on…I want to ask you something.

Do you ever feel that rush of excitement when you see all the potential investment opportunities around the world?

There’s international stock markets, foreign property investments, you name it…

If so, you’re not alone.

But before you go out and snap up your next international investment, I want to finish my story.


So, what’s up with the addictive brown solution I was supplied?

It appears to be a pretty common medicine.

But as I said, it’s not the tincture that caught me off guard.

Two bottles of opium tinctures

What surprised me was how I managed to get a prescription for the medicine…

…without having an appointment to see the doctor.

My partner had scheduled a routine check-up for herself.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to subtly whine about my lingering cough at the time.

The doctor took a quick look at my throat and wrote a prescription for the tincture…

Not under my name, but under my partner’s name.

Actually, I’m pretty sure my ‘illness’ was also logged into the system under my partner’s name.

You may have come across this before if you’ve ever travelled to Asia.

You might remember my previous comments that Taiwan is a bit different, at least from my perspective, anyway.

Actually, I’d say most of South East Asia could appear this way through the Western lens.

To them, I’m sure we appear the same!

I never finished drinking the solution.

Later on, I did a bit of poking around online and found I didn’t quite like what I was reading.

Taipei Times recently issued warnings for this medicine, take a look below…

To relieve coughing and reduce sputum, some doctors prescribe “Brown Mixture Liquid” (甘草止咳藥水), which often contains expectorants and opium tincture, he (Kai-wei Chen) said, adding that excessive consumption of opium tincture could lead to death, respiratory depression, drug addiction or constipation.’


Sometimes it’s best to stay local

Let’s get to that chart I told you about earlier…

Source: Optuma

What you’re looking at are two stock market indices. The red line is Taiwan and the blue line is Australia.

The reason we’re comparing these two countries is simple.

Asia is a hotspot for nomad retirees.

Some, maybe even you, will look to make money there through your investments.

But what exactly are you getting yourself into?

If you’re like me, you might not be completely familiar with the culture, laws and ways of doing business that we take for granted at home.

Let me explain what I mean…

I imagine you’ve spent your whole life investing in Aussie shares. You know how they move. You love attracting those juicy dividends.

But now, you’ve decided to take the step and enter a new market because the returns seem higher…

You’ve opened an international brokerage account…or you’ve found an Aussie broker who deals in your new market…

But before you pull that trigger, make sure you understand what your getting into.

For example…

Taiwan’s market tends to be extremely volatile. It’s ‘backwards’ to what we’re used to in our slow upward-moving market.

It’s local factors like this that you need to keep in mind.

What may seem natural to investors or local markets, can be extremely strange for us.

Much like that tincture I was drinking.

As for me…investing in Aussie shares, thanks to the internet, can be done from anywhere.

And if you’re looking for superior gains outside the top 50, you can also looks for higher returns in small-caps. So why not just stick to the one market that you know best…and make that your local one?

Until next time,

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