China: You Can’t Stop This Beast


It may be the biggest long-term trend to back over the next 10 years.

TRILLIONS could flow into this one market.

And yet you may not know a thing about it.

Today’s Profit Watch rectifies this glaring omission.

What is it?

Chinese stocks!

With all this talk about trade wars, global financial player MSCI is set to quadruple its allocation to Chinese mainland stocks.

It’s a long-term trend that could send Chinese stocks soaring…except the bearish sentiment towards China is causing investors to dump the market.

Is this then a massive buying opportunity?

I think so!

Before we continue this discussion, let’s look back over this week…

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Then on FRIDAY, Callum explained why you shouldn’t get spooked by the current bout of volatility based off the trade war. Recent election results in Indonesia and India don’t indicate widespread distress. Buy the dip!

Now on to today’s video…

China. It’s on everyone’s lips… Even ours!

But for good reason. Today, we want to dispel the myths surrounding the Chinese stock market. And why you can’t judge the Chinese economy based on the value of the Chinese index, like you can here in Australia.

Click play below to view the video. We hope you enjoy these video updates.

Until next time,

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Jonathan Evans,
Analyst, Profit Watch