ASX DMP - Dominos Share Price

Domino’s Pizza Shares Still Holding the Lows from Last Year (ASX:DMP)

In a socially distanced, lockdown world people are less likely to venture out. They want as little contact with strangers as possible. That means they’re more likely to skip the grocery shop. And when food supplies run short, they might look for...
Bear Market Rally and Stock Market Forecast

Bear Market Rallies and Long-Term Stock Market Forecasts

What a trading day we saw on Friday. The market ‘swing’ was huge. The ASX finished the day down 5% — but up for the week. Can this rally go higher? Emotions, current data and your daily life scream that...
IMF Signals Recession - Global Recession in 2020?

IMF Signals Recession: How 2008 Could Be a Trading Playbook for Today

What’s uglier than the stock market right now? Don’t think too hard. Here’s a hint... It’s an international organisation with headquarters in Washington DC. It also consists of 189 countries working to secure financial stability. Give yourself a pat on the back...
ASX PBH - Pointsbet Holdings Share Price

Market Favourite Pointsbet Is up 10%. Is Now the Time Buy? (ASX:PBH)

It was one of the hottest stocks of 2019. After listing in June, it rallied over 200% into its January top. Since then, it’s fallen around 70%. Today, the PBH share price is up 10%. And the company has announced a partnership...
Is it Time to Enter the Stock Market

Here Come the Financial Nightcrawlers – Time to Enter the Stock Market?

Yesterday I found my four-year-old daughter writing on the side of the house in chalk. It reminded me of Bart Simpson at the start of each Simpsons episode so much, I had to laugh. She was also running around the back...
ASX Shutdown - Stock Market Volatile, Be Cautious

ASX: Shutdown Screams Be Cautious — Don’t Walk into This Market Trap

The name Bill Bonner might be familiar to you if you’ve read my notes for some time. We used to appear in the same publication — The Daily Reckoning. Here’s why I bring him up. Bill had the same advice from...
NYSE - New York Stock Exchange - Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Leads with Markets Biggest Rally. What’s Next? [DJI]

Cha-ching. That’s the sound of government stimulus. Turns out the market is hungry. And by ‘the market’, I mean the US Federal Reserve. Last week the Fed said they will offer unlimited liquidity. The market didn’t react to that at the time... But now,...
IMF Signals Recession - Global Recession in 2020?

Insiders are Buying Regardless of Global Recession Fears

HOLD FIRE. This could be a trap! Well, that’s according to Goldman Sachs, anyway. They think this market is about to take another 16% nose dive. That would put the Dow Jones at around 17,600 points... The US S&P 500 Index at around 2,100...
Volatile Market - Stock Market Bargains

Tread Carefully as Bargains Appear in the Stock Market

This market is a blackhole. And everything is getting sucked in. Crude oil is down. The S&P, NASDAQ and the Dow Jones fell heavily overnight. Yesterday, Aussie shares saw their largest falls since the GFC. Gold has been hit. And silver got...
Covid-19 Black Swan Event and Market Crash, Recession

Special Market Update: Black Swans and Ancient Money

We continue our special coverage of financial markets in the age of pandemic. As margin calls roil stock markets and liquidity disappears from the system, we believe there’s a flight to what few ‘safe’ assets are in the system....

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ASX VRL - Village Roadshow Ltd Share Price

Village Roadshow Ltd Shares up 33%. Is It a Buy? (ASX:VRL)

The share price of Village Roadshow Ltd , the entertainment company, is up 33%. And that’s on the back of no new positive news. No doubt,...