US Money System - Central Bank Printing Money

Got These Two? You Should! — Tax Cuts and the US Money Supply

In 2017 Donald Trump gave the US stock market a big shot in the arm. How so? Tax cuts! He dropped the US corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. That meant billions more in profits could flow from firms to dividends and...
Are we in a bull market or bear market? - Stock Market Outlook

Is this a Bear or Bull Market? — The State of the Stock Market

Today’s Profit Watch is putting the periscope above the water line to check our bearings. Where exactly are we? My take is we are in a bear market. That might sound ridiculous when you consider the big surge in the...
Investing in the ASX - Australian Stock Market Investing

Investing in the ASX: Is this as Good as It Gets in 2020?

Do I have a humdinger of a chart to show you today. The one-way bet in the share market is reaching historic proportions. Apparently, an army of ‘Robinhoodies’ are going nuts on call options and bankrupt businesses. No kidding — currently...
COVID-19 Stock Market Recovery - The Market Bounce Back

The Potential Buys of a Lifetime — Prepare for the Market Bounce Back

Today’s Profit Watch asks you to begin your days for the rest of the year channelling the spirit of Jim Rogers and Sam Zell. These two American entrepreneurs are getting on in years now. But I’m sure they’re licking their lips...
Taiwan COVID-19 Contained - Controll Coronavirus

Has This Country Successfully Contained COVID-19?

Stock markets across the globe have appeared rather optimistic lately. They’re shrugging off jobless claims, COVID-19 and even massive stimulus efforts. You’ve got to wonder...has the world gone mad? We’ll tackle that question shortly... First, let’s discuss COVID-19. There’s a lesson we can learn...

Practicing What’s Preached: Greater the Loss, Steeper the Road to Recovery

‘Not bearish? Yeah Vern and I’m Santa Claus.’ The doubters are still doubting. That big end of the telescope remains firmly pressed against their eye. In case you missed the relevance of these opening remarks, please read yesterday’s article titled ‘How...
ASX DMP - Dominos Share Price

Domino’s Pizza Shares Still Holding the Lows from Last Year (ASX:DMP)

In a socially distanced, lockdown world people are less likely to venture out. They want as little contact with strangers as possible. That means they’re more likely to skip the grocery shop. And when food supplies run short, they might look for...
Bear Market Rally and Stock Market Forecast

Bear Market Rallies and Long-Term Stock Market Forecasts

What a trading day we saw on Friday. The market ‘swing’ was huge. The ASX finished the day down 5% — but up for the week. Can this rally go higher? Emotions, current data and your daily life scream that...
IMF Signals Recession - Global Recession in 2020?

IMF Signals Recession: How 2008 Could Be a Trading Playbook for Today

What’s uglier than the stock market right now? Don’t think too hard. Here’s a hint... It’s an international organisation with headquarters in Washington DC. It also consists of 189 countries working to secure financial stability. Give yourself a pat on the back...
ASX PBH - Pointsbet Holdings Share Price

Market Favourite Pointsbet Is up 10%. Is Now the Time Buy? (ASX:PBH)

It was one of the hottest stocks of 2019. After listing in June, it rallied over 200% into its January top. Since then, it’s fallen around 70%. Today, the PBH share price is up 10%. And the company has announced a partnership...

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ASX CQE Share Price - Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT

Charter Hall Profit up 25%, Share Price Follows Suit (ASX:CQE)

Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT is proving once again that it’s not all doom and gloom for property. Despite the pandemic, and the lockdown,...