US Money System - Central Bank Printing Money

Got These Two? You Should! — Tax Cuts and the US Money Supply

In 2017 Donald Trump gave the US stock market a big shot in the arm. How so? Tax cuts! He dropped the US corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. That meant billions more in profits could flow from firms to dividends and...
COVID-19 Stock Market Recovery - The Market Bounce Back

Your Weekly Wrap: China’s GDP, Weak US Dollar and Aussie Property

See below for a wrap up of this week’s stories… On Monday we took a glance at China’s GDP and concluded it was either $14 or $26 trillion. That’s a big difference. But not as big as the one between...
Are we in a bull market or bear market? - Stock Market Outlook

Is this a Bear or Bull Market? — The State of the Stock Market

Today’s Profit Watch is putting the periscope above the water line to check our bearings. Where exactly are we? My take is we are in a bear market. That might sound ridiculous when you consider the big surge in the...
Weak US Dollar - Weakening USD

An Atypical Trade in Today’s Market: A Weak US Dollar

I looked at the portfolio of my colleague Greg Canavan this morning. Shiver me timbers! Four of his gold stocks are currently showing gains of 229%, 396%, 121%, and 231%. It’s one reason I listen to Greg when he speaks. Every Monday the...
COVID 19 Stock Market Outlook - Where is the Stock Market Headed?

Where is the Stock Market Headed? — US Attack Dogs Let Loose

We had a big move up in Aussie stocks yesterday. The mainstream media quickly attributed it to the ‘news’ about the JobKeeper and JobSeeker extensions. Maybe. Here at Profit Watch we already had our stake in the ground on that...
AUD Gold Price - Strong Aussie Dollar impacting the Gold Price Rally

Gold Logjam Thanks to This — Impact of Stronger AUD on the Gold Price

And away we go for another week. I saw a headline over the weekend. It was along the lines of ‘gold rally fizzles’. What gives? Gold in US dollars is a hefty US$1,810. And in Aussie dollars the gold price...
Government Stimulus and The Australian Housing Market - Real Estate Stimulus

Gov Stimulus Hits the Desired Spot: The Housing Market

Today, Profit Watch returns to regular programming. Our timing is impeccable. We need to ask ourselves a burning question: How likely is Joe Biden to win the US election? We’re not here to weigh up the character and merits of the...
The Real Estate Cycle and Australian House Prices

Housing Market Activity: Even Covid-19 Can’t Stop This Cycle

Take a look at the graph below... It’s the ‘Mortgage Bankers Association of America’ Purchase Index Source: Bloomberg It’s basically a report of mortgage loan applications in the US. But it’s...
Infrastructure Spending - Government Economic Stimulus

Infrastructure Spending: Who Wins from the Great Depression Playbook?

It was only a few months ago in October 2019, the new Australian Treasury Secretary Steven Kennedy warned against a mega infrastructure spend as a way to boost economic growth. However, blowing an infrastructure bubble — inevitably blowing a land...
The Collapse of the US Dollar - US Dollar Fall

US Dollar Crunch Coming — The Collapse of the US Dollar

Wowee! So says AFL football commentator Brian Taylor when something spectacular happens on the ground. You could say something like that about yesterday’s big surge on the ASX. A lot of people are. But I’m referring to something else. It’s the call...

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ASX CQE Share Price - Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT

Charter Hall Profit up 25%, Share Price Follows Suit (ASX:CQE)

Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT is proving once again that it’s not all doom and gloom for property. Despite the pandemic, and the lockdown,...