NRW Holdings Ltd - ASX NWH Share Price

NRW Holdings Share Price Elevates on New Contract Win (ASX:NWH)

Like many companies, 2020 has been a rocky year for NRW Holdings Ltd . They started the year on a tear, with the NWH share price climbing to around $3.40 per share at one point. Putting them in a position...
ASX Lithium Stocks - Are Lithium Stocks Making a Comeback?

A Look into Pilbara Minerals: Are Lithium Stocks making a Comeback?

Today’s Profit Watch is going for something a little different. I mentioned last week that I was on the phone to a renewable energy analyst. He made an offhand comment that lithium stocks were cheap. The implication was that there could be...
ASX 200 Stocks Outlook - Investing in the right ASX stocks

Own Stocks in the ASX 200? You’re in Trouble This Decade

Today’s Profit Watch is arriving behind schedule because I spent the morning on the phone with Silicon Valley investor and futurist Tony Seba. I’m not allowed to say too much just yet. His upcoming book is still officially under ‘embargo’....
Painchek Share Price - ASX PCK

Is PainChek Ltd’s 200% Share Price Rally Justified? (ASX:PCK)

There’s no better place to make fast money on the ASX than the small-cap sector. Granted, small-caps can fall just as quickly as they rise. But these movements, when they’re on the upside, can be quite lucrative. Perfect proof of that...
ASX MSB Share Price - Mesoblast Shares ASX

Mesoblast Share Price up as COVID-19 Trial Enrolment Begin (ASX:MSB)

The world is abuzz with news of potential cures or treatments for the coronavirus that has sent people and economies into lockdown. Mesoblast Ltd is a Melbourne based biotech firm who develop treatments for tissue repair and immune responses. The...
ASX AT1 IPO Atomo Share Price - COVID-19 Test Kit

Atomo Share Price Up Big in Rare ASX IPO (ASX:AT1)

Atomo Diagnostics Ltd is up significantly on its IPO share price, with a gain of 25.64% adding to the 125% surge yesterday. Here’s a quick look at how trading is progressing for the Atomo share price since the IPO: Source:...
Ecofibre Share Price - ASX EOF

Ecofibre Shares Ltd Rise Over 10%. Can It Flourish in a COVID-19 World?

One of the darlings of the stock market in 2019 was Ecofibre Ltd  . It raised money for its IPO at a buck per share. That was in March. By November it hit a high of $3.90. That was a...
ASX MSB Share Price - Mesoblast Shares ASX

Mesoblast Ltd Gets FDA COVID-19 Approval. Is It a Buy? (ASX:MSB)

Do you want to know who the fastest movers of 2020 have been? Well, they mostly have one thing in common... That’s a potential solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. And today, you can add one more stock to that list. It’s Mesoblast Ltd...
ASX TTT - Titomic Ltd Share Price

Titomic Limited Shares up 50%. Is It a Buy? (ASX:TTT)

Microcap Titomic Ltd shares flew up 50% higher yesterday. It seems like investors were happy with the company’s new partner. But given the state of the markets right now… Should you be placing your hard-earned money into this microcap? Today, we’ll take...
Aussie Small Cap Stocks - ASX Small Cap Stock Alert

Aussie ASX Small-Cap Stock Alert: Dead Men Walking

‘Papa, what are you doing?’ My daughter walked past her father sweating and huffing in the driveway. ‘It’s my gym class. See my phone over there? We’re all working out remotely.’ ‘You look red.’ And off she went. Your editor may have been red...

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Outlook for ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four Banks

The Two Vital Things for the Banks

EDITOR’S NOTE: Exciting news! We’re making some changes to your daily Profit Watch service. I’m going to bring you a broader array of analysis and ideas...