Stock Market 10 baggers - Making Money in the Stock Market

Look Here for the Next ‘10 Bagger’: Renewable Energy and Battery Metals

Profit Watch has spent the last few weeks pondering the outlook for energy firms in the oil and gas sector. It’s not so much where the oil price is today or tomorrow. It’s the threat of asset write-downs and divestment. Coronavirus...
Opportunity in Gold Market - Investing in ASX Gold Stocks

Your Insider Guide to Gold: The Market is Ripe with Opportunity!

Happy New Financial Year! What shall the future 365 days bringeth? Your guess is probably as good as mine. All last year I wrote ‘Be a little wary of 2020.’ And so it has proved. The ASX put in a dud over...
ASX Stock Market Opportunities - ASX AMP Share Price

Two Sectors to Back Instead of Banks: Gold and Renewable Energy

Your Profit Watch service doesn’t always get it right, but for much of last year I warned you away from buying the big banks. Back in September 2019 Profit Watch opined… ‘Here’s why. Every time the RBA lowers the cash rate,...
Iron Ore Investing - Outlook for Iron Ore and Mining Stocks

The Pilbara Killer: A Warning for Iron Ore Investors — Outlook for Iron Ore

Today’s Profit Watch dons the deerstalker hat and picks up the magnifying glass. The case: the outlook around iron ore. You already know it’s barnstorming its way through 2020 thanks to heaving Chinese investment, and COVID-19 ripping through Brazil. What else can...

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ASX CQR - Charter Hall REITs Share Price

Charter Hall Cashes out on Two Sites as Share Price Falls (ASX:CQR)

The REIT sector is in an odd spot. On the one hand, some commercial sites are more in demand than ever before. With a flurry...