Stock Market 10 baggers - Making Money in the Stock Market

Look Here for the Next ‘10 Bagger’: Renewable Energy and Battery Metals

Profit Watch has spent the last few weeks pondering the outlook for energy firms in the oil and gas sector. It’s not so much where the oil price is today or tomorrow. It’s the threat of asset write-downs and divestment. Coronavirus...
ASX 200 Stocks Outlook - Investing in the right ASX stocks

Own Stocks in the ASX 200? You’re in Trouble This Decade

Today’s Profit Watch is arriving behind schedule because I spent the morning on the phone with Silicon Valley investor and futurist Tony Seba. I’m not allowed to say too much just yet. His upcoming book is still officially under ‘embargo’....

Forget Lithium: The ‘New Gold’ is This Metal

Oh my, look at this. Did you see the news? ...

Lithium Stocks to Run Hot Again

Oh my, start watching lithium stocks, please. They’re hot out of the gate this morning, and there’s no guessing as to why. Major lithium player Albemarle announced it’s prepared to pay US$1.15 billion for a 50% stake in Mineral...

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ASX CQR - Charter Hall REITs Share Price

Charter Hall Cashes out on Two Sites as Share Price Falls (ASX:CQR)

The REIT sector is in an odd spot. On the one hand, some commercial sites are more in demand than ever before. With a flurry...