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What Australian Finance Group Might Tell You on Aussie Property

You may have read conflicting reports around Aussie property. Some call a bearish view. Others are bullish. It can be confusing. What to do? Who’s view to follow? There is a way out of this mess. Bring up a relevant chart. What you read,...

Is A Reverse Mortgage the Simplest Way to Retire Rich Tomorrow?

Strapped for cash? Well, you may be in luck. You could be sitting on a cash pile that’s around three–five times your superannuation balance. That is, of course, if you’re a baby boomer living in a lucky suburb. That’s right I’m talking...
Property Players Signal Real Estate Boom Ahead

Property Mayhem Coming to These Two Cities

Today’s Profit Watch needs to look back in order to have a chance of seeing what’s ahead. That means I’ve got New York on my mind. No, it’s not hot dogs on the sidewalk and leisurely strolls through Central Park. It’s...
Aussie Property Market: House Prices May Rise

Why You Should Be Watching James Hardie Industries PLS [ASX:JHX]

Here’s yet another example of how the chart forecasts the good or bad news to come. Now in the middle of the year, there was a lot of bearish talk on US housing construction. And that a housing slump might...
Property Players Signal Real Estate Boom Ahead

Property Players Signal Boom Ahead

The stage is certainly set for an ongoing rebound in Aussie property prices. A research note out of ANZ points out that building approval numbers continue to shrivel. We can relate that to two big themes. One is the major banks becoming...
Aussie Property Resurgence - Housing Boom 2020

Follow REA Group to Tell You Where Aussie Property Is Headed

Yesterday we wrote about how infrastructure is booming right now. That’s not our opinion. Just bring up any infrastructure related ETF. You’ll find most of them are breaking into, or trading around all-time highs. Just following the weight of money is...
Reading Stock Charts

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Famous value investor Ben Graham quipped once that Mr Market was a moody fellow. We got a taste of his happy vibe yesterday. Stocks had their best day since the federal election! Why is it so? Market bets for more rate cuts...
Mirvac Share Price - ASX MGR

What the Mirvac Share Price is Telling Us: Property Is Alive and Well

Earlier in the year we heard all the doomsday reports on Aussie house prices. It’s not the first time the experts have called time on Aussie property. Boy is that road littered with corpses! But remember this… What you read in the...
Aussie Property Resurgence - Housing Boom 2020

Iron Ore, Tax Cuts…and an Aussie Property Resurgence

Yesterday we touched on the idea that Australia is currently gripped in a paradox. Bushfires are ravaging New South Wales. That’s part of what just sent tens of thousands of protestors into Sydney to demand action on climate change. And here we...
Aussie Property Market Up - Time to Invest?

Is Now the Time to Shift Out of Blue Chips to Aussie Property?

It’s been an absolute scramble over the last few weeks. Australia’s property market is moving higher. Global and local stocks are moving toward blue skies (well, until Monday!). This is likely to continue…unless the US president sends out a tweet. And gold…it’s currently...

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Downer EDI Share Price - ASX DOW

Downer EDI Share Price Falls 20% on Profit Guidance (ASX: DOW)

It would appear companies not hitting their profits is the new normal. We’ve seen a few of them already this reporting season. No doubt these...