Brexit dice

Your Brexit ‘Guide’ on the ASX

And so Brexit will come to pass. The ‘stonking mandate’ delivered to Boris Johnson at the UK election leaves no doubt about that. Brexit should happen in January next year. 2020 already looks interesting and we haven’t even arrived there yet. I wondered...
Climate Change Protests - Australia Mining and Resource Industry

Climate Change Will Fracture Australia: The Mining and Resource Industry

Oh, Canada. The land of snow and mountain and maple syrup. The people are bluff and good-natured ­— and not American. I’ve never been there. I’m told it’s lovely. Except, it has a problem. There’s a secession movement brewing! Something is off in...
Climate Change Affecting the Aussie Economy

The Climate Change Wars Affecting the Aussie Economy and Investments

Here’s a paradox of today’s market. In the same week we get news that Indian banks are happy to finance Australian coal projects while Sweden’s central bank is dropping Queensland and WA bonds because of Australia’s large climate footprint. Here is...
Australia’s Inflated Property Prices

Australia’s Political Idiocy: Banks, Inflated Property Prices and More Debt

What do you get when you have a set of scales and equal weight on both sides? No movement. That’s kind of what the Aussie index looks right now. What I mean is, pressure on the banking sector is pushing down. But...
Reading Stock Charts

The Stock Market: Your Very Own Crystal Ball – Reading Stock Charts

Some forecasters read the tea leaves. Others use a crystal ball. Now, if you can’t read the leaves, nor own a crystal ball, then you might think you’re in a bit of trouble… Not to worry, let me tell you…stock charts...
Oil and Energy Stocks - The Energy Market

Mystery of the Iran Oil Tanker Attack: Oil Price & Energy Stocks Could Rise

Shiver me timbers! Just what is going on in the Middle East right now? We left things on Friday with the thought that now is the time to be accumulating energy shares. And not a day passes before Iran announces that...
2020 US Presidential Election - Trump or Warren

2020 US Presidential Election – Trump or Warren: A Zugzwang Market

Everything I see says we’re in a stock picker’s market. Today’s Profit Watch does a world tour to show you why relying on the general indices to generate a decent return from here looks tricky. There’s a term in chess called...
PM Morrison’s Misdirection

PM Morrison’s Misdirection

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the international scene. Britain’s highest court says Prime Minister Johnson’s suspension of parliament was illegal. Then we have US President Trump under the cloud of a possible impeachment. This doesn’t help ease the...

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Downer EDI Share Price - ASX DOW

Downer EDI Share Price Falls 20% on Profit Guidance (ASX: DOW)

It would appear companies not hitting their profits is the new normal. We’ve seen a few of them already this reporting season. No doubt these...