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Nobody ever made money listening to the mainstream. The best investment ideas are out on the edge. So that’s where the Newman Show takes you.

Profit Watch editor Callum Newman brings you the information from around the world that’s driving the markets and your money. You’ll also hear from the biggest names in Australian and global financial markets.

They share their best investment ideas and analysis.

Guests on The Newman Show include the biggest names in international finance. There’s hedge fund legend Jim Rogers, Currency Wars author Jim Rickards, and trend forecaster Gerald Celente.

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Ep 38 Josh Ryan-Collins & The Failure of Modern Economies…Exposed!

Josh Ryan-Collins is a British academic that can show you… Why housing is inflated across the West… The secret of the banking system that few understand… Two economic factors that are absolutely essential for you to know… How banks and governments fail the...

Ep 37 Author and Analyst Tom Miller on China’s Asian Dream

 A note from Callum: I admire both of Tom Miller’s books. He’s one of the few people I trust to tell me what’s happening over in China. His first book, China’s Urban Billion, was published in 2012. I give him a lot of credit...

Ep 36 The Silent History of the US Greenback

 Monetary reformer Joe Bongiovanni joins Callum on the podcast to discuss... Why the US is a key country in monetary history… How the US colonies achieved great prosperity… The reason Napoleon said money has no motherland... The secret bank maneuverers behind the US...

Ep 35 Michael West: Is Investigative Journalism Dead?

 One of Australia's best Investigative Journalists, Michael West joins Callum on the podcast to discuss… Why the big media players are hemorrhaging money and staff... Canadian Tire Gas Customer Satisfaction Survey Where 80% of readers are actually getting their news from... The impact...

Ep 34.5 ‘Why you should buy…err…goats!’ with Kris Sayce and James Woodburn

 James Woodburn and Kris Sayce hijack the Newman show (again) to discuss recent market news across Money Morning and The Daily Reckoning. Join Woody and Sayce for an informal shouting match with Jason Stevenson on… Jason's controversial presentation at The Great Repression...

Ep 34 Dermot Ryan: The Gold Hunt is On

 Mining industry veteran Dermot Ryan joins Callum on the podcast to discuss… How overseas money helped drive the boom bust cycle in junior explorers in recent years… Why 2013 was the pivot year for Australian miners... The shock and wipeout that hit...

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