Prospa Share Price - ASX PGL

This Chart Says Buy Stocks Now…but Should You?

Your job this morning is to toy with one thought and one thought only: Do you step into and buy the market today? Certainly, you don’t have to act on it. But just see if you feel a shiver of...
Coronavirus COVID-19 news causes stock market crash

Stock Markets Down on COVID-19 News: There Is No Floor in This Market

Well, here we go…Australia is now preparing for a pandemic. That means you should be stockpiling rice, canned tuna, water, masks and…whatever else you see fit… No, I’m joking… Though, it wouldn’t hurt to have some spare food. Anyway, I’m not sure how we’re...
Central Bank's Pump Cash into Economy - Monetary Policy, Free Cash

No Crash while Cash Is Free — Central Banks Pump Cash into Economy

We’re heading for a recession. But you probably already knew that. The US Fed is pump-priming the market with billions of dollars a day. This is via the repo market. The US yield curve is starting to invert again. Each time this...
2019-nCOV - Coronavirus Economy Outlook - Stock Markets Down

COVID-19 Coronavirus Risking the Aussie Economy : $1 Trillion At Stake

‘When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?’ This is what economist JM Keynes is said to have replied to a man who was accusing him of changing his position. One wonders if the coronavirus is...
IMF Signals Recession - Global Recession in 2020?

Recession Coming in 2020? Stocks Down? Nah! — Central Banks Give Life

Whew! Did you see this? The Dow is continuing its leap towards 30,000 points. This is while Germany, Japan and Singapore are freaking out over a potential recession. Oh, and China’s ‘official’ coronavirus cases go passed 75,000. And look at what’s happening in Japan... The...
Coronavirus Economic Recession Fears - Bear Market Ahead

Why the Bears Are Coming out Now — Coronavirus Economic Fears

The bears are currently getting a voice on the platform. We can see why… US tech stock Apple has announced that their first-quarter revenue will be down. Why? The coronavirus, of course! This hit on revenue isn’t just affecting Apple in China right now,...
Coronavirus in China can start Global Recession

China could Start the Next Global Recession — Rumours and Fake News

Dear Reader, Yesterday, Callum speculated that the coronavirus might be eroding the outlook for Aussie shares, especially the natural resource sector. I’m going to take the baton today. How do you make sense of all the rumours, conspiracies and outright fake news? That’s...
Australia Tourism Industry in Trouble - Aussie Tourism Sector

A Big Battle for This Key Sector: Aussie Tourism in Trouble

The Aussie dollar is taking an absolute beating… You’re not planning on travelling overseas, are you? Last Friday it fell as low as $0.66622 against the American dollar. To put it into context for you, the Aussie dollar hasn't been this low...
Truth About the Coronavirus - Chinese officials meddling with information

Coronavirus: Chinese Officials are Meddling with Information

Dear Reader, This is what it’s like taking cues from China… Dr Li Wenliang (one of the doctors Chinese police targeted during their raid on fake news), was declared dead at 21:30 local time on Thursday. He’d been receiving ‘emergency treatment’...
Stock Market Rally

Is this the stock market rally we’ve been waiting for?

Finally. The move I was waiting for! - A stock market rally! The Dow Jones gushed 1.4% higher overnight. The Nasdaq is up 2.2% and the S&P is up 1.5%. Yes, they’re all US-based markets. Though, a rally like this may...

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ASX AQR Share Price - APN Convenience Retail REIT

APN Convenience Retail Snatches up Some Prime Land (ASX:AQR)

The land grab frenzy continues! Today, APN Convenience Retail REIT has acquired a Brisbane Airport Link Service Centre. A prime piece of land that...