The US and EU - United States of Europe

US Imperial Misadventures and EU Power Grabs

Did you hear this? Iran is ‘bloodthirsty and looking for war’. Those are the words US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Sunday. That’s inflammatory language to use considering Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Zarif is in New York right now for...
Trump Europe EU Sovereign Wealth Fund

Trump to Birth the United States of Europe

Well now. This looks like very big news. The Financial Times reports that the European Union is considering establishing a sovereign wealth fund that could wield 100 billion euros in firepower.1 That’s a big bazooka! But it’s not the size of this...
Greece Property Market

Greece Property Market: A Greenlight to Speculate Again

Today’s Profit Watch needs a dash of sunshine and blue water. Where better than to head to Greece? Admit it — you’d forgotten about this little place. It’s hard to believe now that it held central bankers, finance ministers and the world...

Don’t Let These Two Basket Cases Stop You Making Money

Italy and Greece are back in the news for the wrong reasons. Their wobbly finances are making headlines again. Pity the fool who is swayed by this. It isn’t news. There’s nothing different about any of this that we...

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Bubs Share Price - ASX: BUB

Time to buy Bubs? Could Vietnam drive up Bubs Share Price? (ASX: BUB)

Want to know where money flows faster than in China? Look no further than Vietnam. It’s a country that should be watched, especially with their...