Investing in Rare Earths

Let Me Introduce You to This Annual $5.8 Billion Sector

Back in September I urged you to be wary of bank stocks and the risk of them cutting their dividends. I’m sure I reiterated it enough to sound like a broken record. The Good Lord knows I don’t always get...
Bad Stock Investment Ideas

Deadly Brown Tinctures and Bad Stock Investment Ideas

I was in Taiwan a few months ago… Last week I told you about a car accident I was in. If you missed it, you can read that here. But it wasn’t just car accidents and gung-ho scammers that I caught...
The Purge of ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four Banks

The Purge of ASX Bank Stocks and Investing During Times of Chaos

Can you hear that retching sound? That’s Australian bank NAB gagging as it spews out a bit more bile. Last week NAB owned up to the fact that it faces financial penalties after identifying more breaches of anti-money laundering and...
EU Bond Bubble - When Bond Yields Fall

The Big Losers When the Bond Bubble Bursts: EU Property and Insurers

The spirit of Profit Watch is a restless beast. It can’t help but roam the world looking for clues and trends about the future. We get it right enough to make a living from it. We also get enough wrong...
Hong Kong Falling into Recession is a Warning Signal for Aussies

Why Hong Kong Falling into Recession is a Warning Signal for Aussies

Get ready to tighten your belt for a wild ride. Global equity markets could be setting up to get a bit bumpy. That is, of course, if the last couple of hundred years are anything to go by. Hong Kong, for...
Global Recession is Coming

Caution: A Global Recession is Coming

Stand with Hong Kong and fight for freedom! No doubt you’ve seen this phrase plastered everywhere. If you haven’t, well it’s probably one of the most provocative phrases circulating right now. The reason for this is simple. China is actively flexing its...
Risk Management in Stock Trading

Your One Job in the Market – Risk Management in Stock Trading

Jesse Livermore (1887–1940) was one of the great stock market traders of the 20th century. He enjoyed a lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. Few people in the markets have accumulated and lost money as quickly as...
Sold Australia to China

Artificial Defense: Only Hope against China – We’ve Sold Australia to China

Australia, you’re a sell-out! If you want what we’ve got…just name the price… Yep, that’s the pickle we’ve gotten ourselves into. And it’s impacting our national security. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, it appears we’ve not only got an issue...
ASX in 2020

Two Big Factors to Impact the ASX in 2020: Big Miners and Big Banks

They say that Mr Market is a moody fellow. Some days he’s feeling glum and won’t offer much for shares. At other times he can’t help but offer lavish inducement for you to sell. Mr Market is even more complex than...
Investing in Coal Stocks

The Future of Coal Stocks: No Power in This Group of Stocks

If the financial apocalypse arrives anytime soon, I don’t have a gun in the house…but I might have some tomatoes. I got some plants in the garden over the weekend. How nice to see those green shoots in the ground. There...

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ASX TYR - Tyro Payments Limited Share Price

Tyro Payments Limited. Should You Buy This Newly Listed ASX Stock?

Have you heard? Some are saying Tyro Payments is the hottest ASX stock to be listed all year. The company is due to list on...