You Don’t Get Rich by Being a Dumb-Ass

You don’t become one of the richest geezers on the planet by being a dumb-ass. Recent action shows Warren Buffet is just as shrewd at 88 as any other time in his long life. The third-quarter filings of his firm, Berkshire...

Debt Binge Hangover Coming

Today’s edition begins with a question: Is there a touch more glitter to gold right now? Answer: You bet there is. Especially for bullion priced in Australian dollars. But can the glisten hold? Today’s Profit Watch investigates. Let me declare a bias before...

Be Your Own Investment Bank

Your editor is out of the office today. It’s the Melbourne Cup holiday here in Victoria. But don’t write it off as far as the market goes. It occurred to me that the race might prove a useful gauge of consumer...

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