Demonised Cash - 2020 Stock Market Forecast

TINA — You’re Simply the WORST: The Advice that Demonised Cash

In 2009, Tina Turner announced her retirement from live performances. This was the year when Wall Street would begin the performance of its life. Back then, Tina Turner was the most famous Tina in the world. What a difference a...
Why You Should Buy Gold - Investing in Gold Australia - Aussie Dollar Gold

Aussie Dollar Gold Price Testing $2,700. Is it time to buy?

The Aussie dollar gold price is just a few dollars away from its all-time high. And US dollar gold is currently sitting at $1,563. The gold price is up 4% from overnight trading. Turns out investors flooded to gold overnight… CNBC reported...
Central Bank Digital Currencies Coming

Where an Aussie Bank Run Could Lead: Central Bank Digital Currencies

We’re going to start the week the same way we have the last four. That’s with a falling stock market. Dow Jones futures are already limit down. The Aussie stock market is taking another hammering today. Technical analysts often talk about...
ASX CBA - CBA Share Price - Commonwealth Bank

CBA Burns Investment Banks as Share Price Goes Up (ASX: CBA)

Mr Market wrong footed me this week. For a while now I’ve been watching the Commonwealth Bank of Australia share price creep higher. Quite a few of the fundamental types keep saying it’s overpriced and due to be cut...
ASX CBA Half Year Results - Commonwealth Bank Australia Shares

CBA’s ‘Big Wednesday’ Approaches – The CBA Half Year Results

My my, a big market shift happened last Wednesday. Did you see it? Your bank stocks might like it. The RBA governor, Philip Lowe, upended market expectations about the future path of interest rates. How so? Señor Lowe gave a speech that day...
The Big Aussie Banks Lack Innovation - Innovator’s Dilemma

The Big Aussie Banks and the Innovator’s Dilemma

Dear Reader, Today’s Profit Watch begins with an ode to a man the world just lost — Clayton Christensen. He died on 23 January. It may not be a name that jumps out at you. But his spirit carries a warning...
The Power of Central Banks

Prep for the Biggest Power Grab in History: The Power of Central Banks

‘Papa, I made you a card.’ My four-year-old daughter handed me a blue piece of paper with her incoherent scribbles all over it. I asked her what it said. Ema replied: ‘It says, “Papa, I hope you have the best birthday. You are...
money wave surf

Surfing the Money Waves: Oil and Gold

Oil and gold are where it’s all at right now. Brent crude hit US$70 in the US session just gone. You don’t need me to tell you the reason. But we can’t ignore the lusty signal from gold, either. It’s back over AU$2,200...
Watch the ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four

Watch Bank Stocks – Dodgy Property Deals and High Debts…the Usual

Oh dear. The latest GDP figures show the Aussie economy is grinding along. If only the government could spend hundreds of millions more on infrastructure to boost things. Alas, the federal budget must be returned to surplus. Such money cannot be...
The Future of Money is Digital Currency

Santa, Society and Monetary Decay: Future of Money is Digital Currency

‘Papa, is there anything fun to do in gardening?’ That’s what my four-year-old daughter asked me on Saturday after about half an hour of building a new garden bed in the backyard. Gardening Australia’s 30-year anniversary program on Friday night inspired...

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ASX VRL - Village Roadshow Ltd Share Price

Village Roadshow Ltd Shares up 33%. Is It a Buy? (ASX:VRL)

The share price of Village Roadshow Ltd , the entertainment company, is up 33%. And that’s on the back of no new positive news. No doubt,...