It’s a Wall Street Bailout - Inflation Happening Right Now

The Mad Inflation Happening Now — It’s a Wall Street Bailout

Today’s Profit Watch begins locally before expanding out the focus, like the aperture control on a camera. The picture gets clearer that way. And what a pair of stories we have to open with this merry morning. The Australian Financial...
RBA Negative Interest Rates Coming to Australia

Negative Interest Rates: Coming to Australia — Big Banks in Trouble

Mr Market may be about to enter a flat period. That’s going off no more than my gut right now. We’ve had a nice little rally based off iron ore and gold staying strong. But there isn’t a heap more to...
ASX Outlook - Aussie Share Market Outlook

Aussie Share Market, the ASX Outlook: Problematic

I happened to catch a glimpse of the popular sentiment yesterday. Apparently the conversation is shifting towards how high the market will rise as opposed to when it will ‘retest’ the bottom. And I thought my four-year-old daughter lived in a...
Demonised Cash - 2020 Stock Market Forecast

TINA — You’re Simply the WORST: The Advice that Demonised Cash

In 2009, Tina Turner announced her retirement from live performances. This was the year when Wall Street would begin the performance of its life. Back then, Tina Turner was the most famous Tina in the world. What a difference a...
COVID-19 Coronavirus Panic - RBA Cuts Interest Rates

COVID-19 Panic: RBA Interest Rate Cuts and Empty Supermarket Shelves

Boy, oh boy, oh boy. 2020 is going to be interesting. Have you been to your local grocery shop yet? Ha- It’s a complete joke. The store shelves are empty in some places. Toilet paper and hand sanitisers were hard to come by if...
ASX CBA Half Year Results - Commonwealth Bank Australia Shares

CBA’s ‘Big Wednesday’ Approaches – The CBA Half Year Results

My my, a big market shift happened last Wednesday. Did you see it? Your bank stocks might like it. The RBA governor, Philip Lowe, upended market expectations about the future path of interest rates. How so? Señor Lowe gave a speech that day...
RBA Meeting - Interest Rate Cut or No?

The Coronavirus, Dow Jones Index and the RBA Meeting – Rate Cut or No?

Oh boy, what’s Trump going to do? His rumoured ‘monster tax cuts’ for the middle-class haven't been a smash hit. And the Dow Jones is looking a touch tired. We’ve got some levels on the Dow that we’re watching. I’ll show these...
The Power of Central Banks

Prep for the Biggest Power Grab in History: The Power of Central Banks

‘Papa, I made you a card.’ My four-year-old daughter handed me a blue piece of paper with her incoherent scribbles all over it. I asked her what it said. Ema replied: ‘It says, “Papa, I hope you have the best birthday. You are...
Aussie QE - Quantitative Easing in Australia

All Roads Lead to One Thing in Australia: QE

Boof! Another big bank cops one in the jaw. NAB is now in the ring with ASIC after the corporate regulator announced yesterday it was commencing civil penalty proceedings in the Federal Court. ASIC alleges that NAB broke the law 10,000...
Aussie QE - Quantitative Easing in Australia

An Insolvent Bank? Ask Gold – The Reality of Aussie QE

The case for the fabled Santa rally got a nice boost late last week. The US employment numbers look as good as a cold beer on a hot day. We’re back down to numbers that were last seen in 1969. This comes...

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ASX AQR Share Price - APN Convenience Retail REIT

APN Convenience Retail Snatches up Some Prime Land (ASX:AQR)

The land grab frenzy continues! Today, APN Convenience Retail REIT has acquired a Brisbane Airport Link Service Centre. A prime piece of land that...