The Collapse of the US Dollar - US Dollar Fall

US Dollar Crunch Coming — The Collapse of the US Dollar

Wowee! So says AFL football commentator Brian Taylor when something spectacular happens on the ground. You could say something like that about yesterday’s big surge on the ASX. A lot of people are. But I’m referring to something else. It’s the call...
Bank Bailout Coming - Government Stimulus for Aussie Economy

Aussie Bank Bailout Coming to Keep Economy Alive

Right now there are two very troubled industries on the ASX: banks and energy. That’s a problem when they make up so much of the ASX 200 in one way or another. The task of today’s Profit Watch is to nut...
Is Quantitative Easing (QE) Bad? - The Fed Printing Money

Is Quantitative Easing (QE) A Bad Thing? — A Bailout for the Rich

Smack! Stocks have really copped it in the last two days. Now we’re going to find out just how much of this rally is momentum and liquidity from the Robinhoodies — or not. If you have a watchlist of stocks, the...
It’s a Wall Street Bailout - Inflation Happening Right Now

The Mad Inflation Happening Now — It’s a Wall Street Bailout

Today’s Profit Watch begins locally before expanding out the focus, like the aperture control on a camera. The picture gets clearer that way. And what a pair of stories we have to open with this merry morning. The Australian Financial...
RBA Negative Interest Rates Coming to Australia

Negative Interest Rates: Coming to Australia — Big Banks in Trouble

Mr Market may be about to enter a flat period. That’s going off no more than my gut right now. We’ve had a nice little rally based off iron ore and gold staying strong. But there isn’t a heap more to...
Outlook for ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four Banks

Outlook for ASX Big Four Bank Stocks: Value or Value Trap?

Today I’m throwing open the forum. I want to hear your ideas (write to on what might be the most important question in Australian finance today. Are you ready? It’s the outlook for Australian bank stocks. Here’s why. A colleague of mine pointed...
ASX Outlook - Aussie Share Market Outlook

Aussie Share Market, the ASX Outlook: Problematic

I happened to catch a glimpse of the popular sentiment yesterday. Apparently the conversation is shifting towards how high the market will rise as opposed to when it will ‘retest’ the bottom. And I thought my four-year-old daughter lived in a...
Australia in Debt - Private Debt Causes Economic Collapse

Australia in Debt: Private Debt Causes Economic Collapse

Hee hee. Most people pick up the business papers for information. Often you get comedy as well! Case in point: an article this morning describes the big bank NAB is raising money so it can fulfil its role as ‘shock absorber’...
Demonised Cash - 2020 Stock Market Forecast

TINA — You’re Simply the WORST: The Advice that Demonised Cash

In 2009, Tina Turner announced her retirement from live performances. This was the year when Wall Street would begin the performance of its life. Back then, Tina Turner was the most famous Tina in the world. What a difference a...
Central Bank Digital Currencies Coming

Where an Aussie Bank Run Could Lead: Central Bank Digital Currencies

We’re going to start the week the same way we have the last four. That’s with a falling stock market. Dow Jones futures are already limit down. The Aussie stock market is taking another hammering today. Technical analysts often talk about...

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ASX CQR - Charter Hall REITs Share Price

Charter Hall Cashes out on Two Sites as Share Price Falls (ASX:CQR)

The REIT sector is in an odd spot. On the one hand, some commercial sites are more in demand than ever before. With a flurry...