ASX Renewable Energy Stocks - Green Power and Renewables

Watch ASX Renewable Energy Stocks — The Switch Towards Renewables

Lately I’ve been thinking there’s something brewing in the renewable energy sector. The switch away from fossil fuels is gaining momentum, in the mind of investors anyway. I spent part of yesterday reading over some recent material on this sector. You might...
ASX BKW Share Price - Brickworks Shares

Brickworks Share Price Could Be Value If You Consider Fiscal Stimulus

Today we take a quick look at the Brickworks Ltd share price. At time of writing, the BKW share price is up 1.6% to $15.88, after a strong bounce starting from mid-May. The BKW chart makes for interesting reading: Source: As...
Sydney Property Market Outlook - Western Sydney Land Value to Soar

Sydney Property Market Outlook: Western Sydney Land Values to Soar

If you’ve been reading Profit Watch for some time, you’ll know we’re forecasting a property boom in Australia over the next six years. The evidence just keeps stacking up. All you have to do is follow the government infrastructure projects to...
Federal Housing Grant - Australian Housing Market First Home Buyers

A Federal Housing Grant Coming: Free Money for the Housing Sector

It was only the other week that Profit Watch stuck its tattered flag in the ground and defied the housing bears. We said to expect the inevitable: a home buying grant from the federal government. The whispers have gotten louder ever...
Is it Time to Enter the Stock Market

Profit Watch Weekly Recap: The Race for the Moon Is on

The Aussie market showed further resilience this week. It was helped along by a rally in bank shares. One wonders how much life is left in this bull. I do anyway! I’ll have more on that next week. The political instability in...
Donal Trump Announces US Space Force - All About Land or Real Estate in Space

Star Wars: No Longer Fiction — Trump’s Space Force is Really About Land

Star Wars is no longer fantasy. I’m not suggesting a cruel Darth Vader is about to hold sexy Princess Leia captive. But US President Donald Trump has wanted to explore — and enforce — space since he became a candidate for...
Painchek Share Price - ASX PCK

Is PainChek Ltd’s 200% Share Price Rally Justified? (ASX:PCK)

There’s no better place to make fast money on the ASX than the small-cap sector. Granted, small-caps can fall just as quickly as they rise. But these movements, when they’re on the upside, can be quite lucrative. Perfect proof of that...
Australia's Next Land Boom - Property Market 2020, The Next Real Estate Boom

Australia’s Next Massive Land Boom — See the ‘Smart Money’ in Action

Today’s Profit Watch brings out another example of why Australian property bears won’t be right anytime soon. News out today says a Sydney developer now has development approval for a $133 million twin tower project in Gosford on the NSW...
Caution Buying Stocks Assuming They Are Cheap - Stock Market Investing

Buying into the Stock Market with the Assumption it’s Cheap? — Caution!

Ah dearie me. We’re beginning to see why the market keeps rising despite the sceptical, the bearish, and the foolish. I’ve been all three in the last few months. ANZ supremo Shayne Elliott says half of his borrowers who deferred mortgage payments...
Property Market in Melbourne - Growth Suburbs Real Estate

Two Building Stocks to Benefit from Free Money

And away we go for another week here at Profit Watch. It looks a lot like the last few weeks. Except no! Suddenly, the Aussie government is wrestling with what to do with the extra $60 billion it now has at...

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Interview with Tony Seba - Futurist on Disruption

Interview with Futurist Tony Seba: Epic Disruption Coming — Part 1 of 4

Note from Callum: The other week I got on the phone with futurist Tony Seba. He just released a new book called Rethinking Humanity. For...