Australia Government Stimulus to Protect Property Market

Gov Mandate: Stimulus to Protect the Property Market at All Costs

Today’s Profit Watch begins with the obvious. Australia’s weak point is the level of private debt in the financial system. It’s over 120% of GDP. You know this. I know it. So does Bernard Salt. The biggest component of Australia's debt is...
ASX LLC - Lendlease Share Price

Lendlease Could Be a Bargain after Capital Raise (ASX:LLC)

At time of writing, shares of Lendlease Group are in a trading halt. The company has gone for a mammoth $1.15 billion capital raise to shore up its finances in the wake of the COVID-19 mess. Today, I’m going to...
Australia in Debt - Private Debt Causes Economic Collapse

Australia in Debt: Private Debt Causes Economic Collapse

Hee hee. Most people pick up the business papers for information. Often you get comedy as well! Case in point: an article this morning describes the big bank NAB is raising money so it can fulfil its role as ‘shock absorber’...
ASX CQR - Charter Hall REITs Share Price

ASX A-REIT Charter Hall Retail in Trading Halt as It Makes Capital Raising Case

At time of writing, ASX A-REIT Charter Hall Retail REIT is in a trading halt pending a capital raise: Here are the details of the move: Institutional placement of $275 representing around 20% of units on issue prior at...
Australian Housing Finance Complex - Bank Lending for Property

How to Exploit the ‘System’ — The Housing Finance Complex

Pity the poor retail investors that jumped into Aussie bank stocks ‘with both feet’ as reported a few weeks ago. They’ve just been bitch slapped. You can’t say you weren’t warned. NAB is proving the case as to why this merry...
Australian Economy and Stock Market Outlook 2020

The 2020 Stock Market Outlook: Big banks? — No thanks!

Dear Reader, Welcome to this week’s summary of Profit Watch! On Monday I told you why I think bank stocks are best avoided for now. They have an unpleasant mix coming of bad debts and falling loan growth. Not a place to...
Australian Housing Market and the Aussie Economy

Income Investors: Are Retail REITS Worth a Look at Now?

Here’s something that jumped out at me. ASX behemoth Scentre Group has a dividend yield at a whopping 11.24% right now. That might look appealing if you’re looking for income in today’s market. But here’s what you also need to...
Australia Property Cycle Timing Revealed

Property Cycle Timing Revealed: An Indication of When the Economy

My oh my. The world just keeps dishing out the surprises. Take a look around you. The economy is in lockdown. Businesses are shutting. Unemployment is surging. We’re told commercial rents are going to drop 30%. Landlords and tenants are on the verge of...
Retail Rent Down - Commercial Lease

Retail Rent to Drop by 30%, Who are the Winners and Losers?

With alarm bells sounding all over the Australian economy thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, commercial property owners are facing a tough slog. Whether you’ve noticed or not, cracks in the commercial property sector started to appear 12 months ago, falling...
When Will the Next Property Boom Come

Property Seeds Being Planted: When Will the Next Property Boom Come?

Sometimes the absurdity of the financial world has you wiping the tears from your eyes with one hand…and holding your stomach in laughter with the other! News just in from Shenzhen in China says luxury apartments are selling out in...

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Caution Buying Stocks Assuming They Are Cheap - Stock Market Investing

Buying into the Stock Market with the Assumption it’s Cheap? — Caution!

Ah dearie me. We’re beginning to see why the market keeps rising despite the sceptical, the bearish, and the foolish. I’ve been all three in the...