Opportunity in Gold Market - Investing in ASX Gold Stocks

Your Insider Guide to Gold: The Market is Ripe with Opportunity!

Happy New Financial Year! What shall the future 365 days bringeth? Your guess is probably as good as mine. All last year I wrote ‘Be a little wary of 2020.’ And so it has proved. The ASX put in a dud over...
Brickworks Amazon Warehouse - Brickworks and Goodman group Amazon Deal

Brickworks and Goodman Tie the Knot with Amazon

It was only a matter of time before Amazon pulled the trigger on a new warehouse. The e-commerce giant, like many others, has benefitted from a surge in online shopping. A trend that is likely to hang around long after...
ASX Stock Market Opportunities - ASX AMP Share Price

Two Sectors to Back Instead of Banks: Gold and Renewable Energy

Your Profit Watch service doesn’t always get it right, but for much of last year I warned you away from buying the big banks. Back in September 2019 Profit Watch opined… ‘Here’s why. Every time the RBA lowers the cash rate,...
Iron Ore Investing - Outlook for Iron Ore and Mining Stocks

The Pilbara Killer: A Warning for Iron Ore Investors — Outlook for Iron Ore

Today’s Profit Watch dons the deerstalker hat and picks up the magnifying glass. The case: the outlook around iron ore. You already know it’s barnstorming its way through 2020 thanks to heaving Chinese investment, and COVID-19 ripping through Brazil. What else can...
Caution Buying Stocks Assuming They Are Cheap - Stock Market Investing

Weekly Stock Market Wrap: Cosy World of the ASX Looks Set to Crumble

See below for this week’s stories… On Monday we looked at which property market rich lister, Paul Blackburne named as his current favourite. We also discussed why fortune favours the optimist. On Tuesday I explained why the cosy world of the ASX...
The Real Estate Cycle and Australian House Prices

Housing Market Activity: Even Covid-19 Can’t Stop This Cycle

Take a look at the graph below... It’s the ‘Mortgage Bankers Association of America’ Purchase Index Source: Bloomberg It’s basically a report of mortgage loan applications in the US. But it’s...
Coil and Oil Stocks a Headache - Non Renewable Energy Stocks

The COVID-19 Stock Hit — Oil and Coal Stocks are a Headache

I left you the other day with the notion that oil and coal stocks bring a whole lot of headaches. One of those is the tidal wave of litigation that might be coming. The second is big institutional investors divesting the...
CSR Share Price - CSR Ltd Shares

CSR Share Price Stumbles as CEO Concedes Sales Slump (ASX:CSR)

Today was a first for building materials supplier CSR Ltd . Rather than conduct a standard in-person AGM, they had to go digital. A scenario that I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of over the coming months. However, that wasn’t...
Infrastructure Spending - Government Economic Stimulus

Infrastructure Spending: Who Wins from the Great Depression Playbook?

It was only a few months ago in October 2019, the new Australian Treasury Secretary Steven Kennedy warned against a mega infrastructure spend as a way to boost economic growth. However, blowing an infrastructure bubble — inevitably blowing a land...
HMC Share Price - Home Consortium Shares

Home Consortium Share Price Rises on Property Valuation Bump

It’s a turbulent time for Australia’s property market. On the one hand we’ve seen a huge drop in supply. But on the other hand, demand hasn’t exactly waned either. And then there’s the whole banking mess and credit concerns as well. Suffice...

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Tony Seba Interview - Disruption in the Market

Interview with Futurist Tony Seba: Epic Disruption Coming — Part 3 of 4

  Note from Callum: The other week I got on the phone with futurist Tony Seba. He just released a new book called Rethinking Humanity. For...