Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch - ASX Energy Stocks

Unclear, Confused and Ideological — Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch

Yesterday we left the day’s musings on the rise of renewable energy and ‘green investing’. Lo and behold! What do I see on this merry morn? Energy giant Shell just bought ‘carbon farmer’, Select Carbon out in Western Australia. What does...
ASX MND Share Price - Monadelphous Group Shares

Legal Threat Weighs on Monadelphous Group Share Price (ASX:MND)

It’s been a very mixed day for Monadelphous Group Ltd . The engineering company has released both good and bad news to the market. But it was the latter that dictated the market’s response... The MND share price is down 8.98%...
COVID-19 Stock Market Recovery - The Market Bounce Back

Your Weekly Wrap: China’s GDP, Weak US Dollar and Aussie Property

See below for a wrap up of this week’s stories… On Monday we took a glance at China’s GDP and concluded it was either $14 or $26 trillion. That’s a big difference. But not as big as the one between...
NRW Holdings Ltd - ASX NWH Share Price

NRW Holdings Share Price Elevates on New Contract Win (ASX:NWH)

Like many companies, 2020 has been a rocky year for NRW Holdings Ltd . They started the year on a tear, with the NWH share price climbing to around $3.40 per share at one point. Putting them in a position...
Coal, Nuclear and Gas End- Future Renewable Energy

The Destruction of Coal, Nuclear, and Gas — The Rise of Renewable Energy

Occasionally you get a glimpse of just how bright the future is going to be. Think of your energy bills today. Now imagine them going down…and down…and staying down. This is the path the world is going down thanks to...
Are we in a bull market or bear market? - Stock Market Outlook

Is this a Bear or Bull Market? — The State of the Stock Market

Today’s Profit Watch is putting the periscope above the water line to check our bearings. Where exactly are we? My take is we are in a bear market. That might sound ridiculous when you consider the big surge in the...
Australia Copper Mining - Copper Prices and Aussie Property

Are Copper Prices Signalling a Stronger Aussie Property Market?

Here’s a quick look at the five-year chart for the price of copper: Source: You can see it’s threatening to break through US$3/lb, this despite much gloominess surrounding the property market. In certain parts of Australia, the fear around a housing...
Weak US Dollar - Weakening USD

An Atypical Trade in Today’s Market: A Weak US Dollar

I looked at the portfolio of my colleague Greg Canavan this morning. Shiver me timbers! Four of his gold stocks are currently showing gains of 229%, 396%, 121%, and 231%. It’s one reason I listen to Greg when he speaks. Every Monday the...
US China Tensions: Impact of US-China Relations on Australia

China and the West Decoupling: Impact of US-China Relations on Australia

Today’s Profit Watch can’t help but turn its eyes to China. One can’t help but feel Winston Churchill would describe it in the same way as he did Russia: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. That’s certainly the...
Caution Buying Stocks Assuming They Are Cheap - Stock Market Investing

Your Weekly Wrap: The Aussie Dollar, Energy Stocks and US-China Tensions

See below for a wrap up of this week’s stories… On Monday we looked into how the declining USD is impacting the Aussie dollar…and the implication for share investors. Tuesday’s article went over why energy stocks are not a sandbox you...

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Outlook for ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four Banks

The Two Vital Things for the Banks

EDITOR’S NOTE: Exciting news! We’re making some changes to your daily Profit Watch service. I’m going to bring you a broader array of analysis and ideas...