ASX BKL - Blackmores Share Price

Blackmores Limited Shares are Down 20%. Here’s Why! (ASX: BKL)

Dear Reader, The share price of Blackmores Limited were down 20% earlier today. Investors are exiting after the company emerged from a trading halt to announce a profit downgrade. The market will punish any stock that does this. BKL is no...
ASX IAG Share Price - Insurance Australia Group

The IAG Share Price is Down 21%. Here’s Why! (ASX: IAG)

Dear Reader, Insurance Australia Group Ltd shares are getting smashed. The company has slashed profit guidances two times in the last three weeks. Things aren’t looking great for IAG at the moment. The company has blamed the exceptionally harsh summer for the...
Australia is Not Ready for a Crisis - Coronavirus

Don’t Dig Gold, Sell the Shovel! – Australia is Not Prepared for a Crisis

Dear Reader, I’ve come to a conclusion recently. Australians aren’t prepared to deal with a crisis. Don’t think I’m taking a stab. It’s the truth. It doesn’t matter if that crisis is a fire or a pandemic. We’ve got a supply issue and...
John Lyng Group Share Price - ASX JLG

John Lyng Group Share Price Rocket 5% Higher – Here’s Why! (ASX: JLG)

Dear Reader, Johns Lyng Group Ltd . Have you heard of them before? Yeah, me neither. The share price of John Lyng Group are up over 250% since November 2018. The company is in the building services industry. They build and restore properties...
Australia Tourism Industry in Trouble - Aussie Tourism Sector

A Big Battle for This Key Sector: Aussie Tourism in Trouble

The Aussie dollar is taking an absolute beating… You’re not planning on travelling overseas, are you? Last Friday it fell as low as $0.66622 against the American dollar. To put it into context for you, the Aussie dollar hasn't been this low...
View of the Stock Market

The Advantage of a 30,000-Foot View of the Stock Market

The 30,000-foot view. It’s like looking at the markets while standing atop Mount Everest. Well, kind of. Mount Everest stands at 29,030 feet. But I’m sure you get the point. The concept is simple. Stand back and take a wide view of...
ASX NCK - Nick Scali Share Price

Nick Scali Limited Share Price Rockets 12% Higher. Here’s why!

Dear Reader, Nick Scali Limited shares are up 12%. A move that’s pushed the company into new all-time highs. The company beat its revenue guidance for the first half, bringing its interim profits to $20.1 million. The company’s guidance offered in October...
ASX REA - Australian Property Market

REA Share Price Update: The Key Points from REA’s Half Year Report

At time of writing, the REA Group Ltd share price has taken a bit of a beating. It’s down 4.41% and trading at $108.38. Take a look at the chart below. You can see the REA share price has experienced...
The Big Aussie Banks Lack Innovation - Innovator’s Dilemma

The Big Aussie Banks and the Innovator’s Dilemma

Dear Reader, Today’s Profit Watch begins with an ode to a man the world just lost — Clayton Christensen. He died on 23 January. It may not be a name that jumps out at you. But his spirit carries a warning...
Stock Trades Not to Make - Stock Markets Up

Three Stock Trades Not to Take Now: Know When to Buy these Stocks

Dear Reader, Mr Market is moody, capricious — and cruel to the young and naïve. Just when you might think he’s going to take a big dip based around the coronavirus, he goes the other way again! The US market was up...

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Outlook for ASX Bank Stocks - Aussie Big Four Banks

The Two Vital Things for the Banks

EDITOR’S NOTE: Exciting news! We’re making some changes to your daily Profit Watch service. I’m going to bring you a broader array of analysis and ideas...