ASX VTG - Vita Group Share Price

The Vita Group Limited Share Price is Up 14%. Why? (ASX:VTG)

The Vita Group Limited share price is up 14%. The company said they achieved record revenues. They came in at $431.6 million. That’s an increase of 14%. Vita Group Limited is down from its highs of $5.47. But is this the turn...
CCX Share Price - ASX City Chic Shares

City Chic Limited Share Price Up 32%. Why? (ASX:CCX)

City Chic Collective Ltd is up 8.33% today. The CCX share price is also up 32% this year. Today, the company announced $19.1 million EBITDA. If that was confusing, here’s a simpler way of looking at it… The company said sales grew...
Global Recession Coming in 2020?

Recession Coming in 2020? Stocks Down? Nah! — Central Banks Give Life

Whew! Did you see this? The Dow is continuing its leap towards 30,000 points. This is while Germany, Japan and Singapore are freaking out over a potential recession. Oh, and China’s ‘official’ coronavirus cases go passed 75,000. And look at what’s happening in Japan... The...
ASX Stock Market Opportunities - ASX AMP Share Price

AMP Limited. Is a New Share Price Rally Coming? (ASX:AMP)

AMP Limited has told investors there’s a 30% decline in profits and a 50% decline in wealth earnings. Ouch! And if that doesn’t already sound scary… The company recently said it lost $2.5 billion in 2019. No doubt, this can make...
ASX ZNO Share Price - Zoono Group Limited

Zoono Group Share Price Hits a New High. Time to Sell? (ASX: ZNO)

What’s the quickest way to make money in the share market? You may think it’s to buy low sell high. Or it may be buying when the company is undervalued and selling when its overvalued. Both of these are good strategies. One...
ASX 5GN Share Price - 5G Networks

5G Networks Limited. Is a New Rally Coming? (ASX: 5GN)

You remember 5G Networks Limited , right? Last year the 5GN share price rose over 300% from it’s January low to the July top. Geeze…I hope you didn’t buy it at the top. After it peaked, the share price fell 60%. It...
2019-nCOV - Coronavirus Economy Outlook - Stock Markets Down

Coronavirus Fears Impact Stock Market Outlook — A Market Drop is Coming

Oh, how Mr Market loves nothing more than to play the magician. One hand leads your eye in one direction. But it’s the other we should be watching. We can see this right now with BHP Group Ltd … The Australian Financial...
ASX BBN - Baby Bunting Share Price

Baby Bunting Share Price Down 10% – Is it a buy? (ASX: BBN)

Dear Reader, Retailer Baby Bunting Group Limited has a $450 million market cap and over 1,200 staff. News just in… It has told the market that sales are up 8.1% to $186.4 million. That includes gross profit rising 15% to $68.9 million. ...
Cometh the Bear? - Big Stock Market Turns

Cometh the Bear? — Big Stock Market Turns Happen when Least Expected

Dear Reader, Make sure you read to the bottom today. You’ve got a job to do! Today’s Profit Watch contains a thought experiment. It’s whether I’m wrong. As you may know, since the start of 2019 I’ve advised staying ‘cautiously bullish’ on...
ASX CBA - CBA Share Price - Commonwealth Bank

CBA Burns Investment Banks as Share Price Goes Up (ASX: CBA)

Mr Market wrong footed me this week. For a while now I’ve been watching the Commonwealth Bank of Australia share price creep higher. Quite a few of the fundamental types keep saying it’s overpriced and due to be cut...

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