Ecofibre Share Price - ASX EOF

Ecofibre Ltd Share Price Up Around 35%. Is it Time to Buy? (ASX:EOF)

Last week, dozens of stocks moved to claw back some of their losses. And Ecofibre Ltd was one of them. The Ecofibre share price rallied higher as much as 39%, before ending the weekly just slightly lower. A move like this may...
ASX PBH - Pointsbet Holdings Share Price

Market Favourite Pointsbet Is up 10%. Is Now the Time Buy? (ASX:PBH)

It was one of the hottest stocks of 2019. After listing in June, it rallied over 200% into its January top. Since then, it’s fallen around 70%. Today, the PBH share price is up 10%. And the company has announced a partnership...
ASX PPC Share Price - Peet Ltd Share Price

Peet Limited Share Price Rocketed 30% Higher. Is Now the Time Buy?

Real estate development company Peet Ltd took a nose dive. The Peet share price fell over 60% from its February top. Yesterday, the PPC share price rose around 30%. Is this a breath of new life in PPC, or should investors...
ASX OML - OOH Media Share Price

Ooh!Media Limited Now Down 80%. Is Now the Time Buy? (ASX:OML)

Ooh!Media Ltd is down 80% from its December high. Crickey, that’s not a place I want to be right now. If that didn’t sound bad already, read this... Ooh!Media went into a trading halt on 20 March. Then on 25 March...
ASX:APT - Afterpay Share Price

The Afterpay Share Price is Down 75%. Is Now the Time to Buy? (ASX:APT)

Buy now, pay later juggernaut Afterpay Ltd has taken a beating. From its 20 February high, it fell over 75%. Afterpay sent a letter to investors. They tried to calm the markets. And today the APT share price is up 27%. No...
ASX 3PL - E Learning and Online Education

Follow the Weight of Money to Guide You on 3P Learning Ltd (ASX:3PL)

A big problem with the coronavirus is you can be a carrier and not know it. Then when you can go about your daily business, you go on infecting others. Then those others infect others and on it goes. The spike...
ASX QAN - Qantas Share Price

Qantas Share Price Up 20% Today. Is Now the Time to Buy? (ASX:QAN)

Just last week the future of Qantas Airways Ltd looked bleak... They temporarily stood down around 80% of employed staff... They’ve cancelled international flights and halted many domestic flights. Simply put, people were not travelling! And I don’t blame them either... As...
NYSE - New York Stock Exchange - Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Leads with Markets Biggest Rally. What’s Next? [DJI]

Cha-ching. That’s the sound of government stimulus. Turns out the market is hungry. And by ‘the market’, I mean the US Federal Reserve. Last week the Fed said they will offer unlimited liquidity. The market didn’t react to that at the time... But now,...
Why You Should Buy Gold - Investing in Gold Australia - Aussie Dollar Gold

Aussie Dollar Gold Price Testing $2,700. Is it time to buy?

The Aussie dollar gold price is just a few dollars away from its all-time high. And US dollar gold is currently sitting at $1,563. The gold price is up 4% from overnight trading. Turns out investors flooded to gold overnight… CNBC reported...
The ASX Down and Global Politics

ASX Down: Australian Shares Sink at the Open, Is the Worst Behind Us?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the Aussie government has got themselves into a bit of a pickle. Just 10 days ago, PM Scott Morrison was advising people to go to the footy. He then said that supermarket hoarders...

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ASX MSB Share Price - Mesoblast Shares ASX

Mesoblast Ltd Gets FDA COVID-19 Approval. Is It a Buy? (ASX:MSB)

Do you want to know who the fastest movers of 2020 have been? Well, they mostly have one thing in common... That’s a potential solution to...