Callum Newman

Callum Newman here. I’m the editor of Profit Watch.

Chances are you’re looking for answers like I was about a decade ago.

One day shares are up…and the following down. Stories flood the news wire every minute of the hour.

One person tells you one thing. Another says the exact opposite.

It’s no easy thing to make sense of the financial world.

Here’s the problem. Mainstream headlines are always surface level stories. They rarely tell you the true state of the economy and the markets.

But if you know how to identify the RIGHT stories to pay attention to…and how they CONNECT to each other…you’ll begin to understand what’s really going on.

I’ve been around long enough now to help you here. Experience counts.

Conventional economists and analysts rarely offer help. No one makes money following standard thinking. Profit comes from exploiting an edge.

That’s what I’ll try to give you every day at Profit Watch.

If you stick around long enough, I think you’ll begin to understand why most people make the wrong decisions at the most disastrous times.

Those that can do the opposite have a huge advantage.

That’s our aim here at Profit Watch. To give you an advantage you can’t find anywhere else.

Every day we unpick the most recent trends and developments to help you avoid the blow ups, ride the fliers and stay ahead of the herd.

Make no mistake…we’re not immune to getting it wrong. But like any good trader we know the best calls take care of the duds over time…and it’s sure fun while we’re playing the game.

Markets are a roller coaster…hop on board for the ride.


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Callum Newman,
Editor, Profit Watch